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Destiny Premium Perfume 50ml Limited Edition

Destiny Premium Perfume 50ml Limited Edition

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Limited edition Destiny MOI premium perfume is inspired by "Destiny" encounters and emotional first touches.

With endless inspiration from the Mediterranean, and the art of creating the most unique fragrances from the Orient, MOI and the world's leading perfumers decided to bring sweet and appealing scent notes. , making meetings more passionate, romantic and full of emotions.


  • Luxurious, unique bottle design: made of frosted glass combined with gold-plated metal, helps preserve perfume better and does not change the scent

  • Attractive and sophisticated fragrance: possesses 3 layers of scent with a sweet, feminine style.

  • The fragrance will last up to 8 hours: depends on environmental conditions, natural scent of the body,...

  • Fragrance spread far, within 2 meters: gentle fragrance does not cause discomfort to people around.

3 layers of fragrance

  • The top note is fresh and refreshing Bergamot. Brings a fresh, energetic feeling and arouses excitement.

  • The middle note consists of 4 main ingredients: jasmine, ylang ylang, rose and eucalyptus. While jasmine brings femininity and charm, ylang ylang is enchanting and mysterious. Add to the romance and passion of roses with a touch of sweetness and sophistication of eucalyptus. This scent emphasizes the outstanding femininity of women and their irresistible charm.

  • The base note is a combination of musk, amber and vanilla. Amber creates a warm and reminiscent scent while musk is a bit soft and seductive. Finally, vanilla is sweet and rich, adding charm and emotion to the perfume, helping to preserve the fragrance for a long time. 

NOTE: You should spray perfume at a distance of 10 - 15cm, in areas such as behind the ears, neck, chest, wrists, back... to help the scent spread better and last longer.
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